Longer lk4

Longer lk4

Longer LK4


Specification of Longer LK4
LK4 is an upgraded version of LK2. Longer lk4 The frame has been improved and become stronger, Longer LK4 Desktop 3D Printer and it does not shake when printing large models. LK4 has the function of power failure recovery function and filament runs out sensor.Portable Mini body kit In addition, the filament rack moves down thus filament will not touch the lead screw.Variety of,Newest 3D printer use rise very technology is very popular, 3 d printing technology can promote the new material, intelligent material and intelligent equipment industry further development, Mini body kit printer 3D widely applied to many aspects of our production and living,Longer orange 10 the adoption of 3 d printing and other advanced manufacturing methods, Portable Mini 3D printer can significantly improve mission speed and preparation status, speed up our application
Features of Longer LK4

1. Strong structure with new steel material, effectively reducing body vibration and improving print quality.

2. POM roller for accurate positioning, smooth and steady operation, wear resistance, reduce noise.

3. Lower-mounted filament rack makes feeding smoother, avoiding the filament from hitting the oil of the lead screw.

4. Excellent extruder which is not easy to block the nozzle and reduce the bad overflow.

5. Resuming after power loss or paused print by restarting, to save time and filament.

6. Filament detection sensor system, automatically suspend printing when the filament runs out.

7. 2.8-inch full color display makes model preview and parameter settings faster.

8. Safe power supply, guarantee long-time printing, hidden design to avoid electric shock.

Parameters of Longer LK4
Brand LONGER Extruder single
Model LK4 Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Color Black Printing Temperature 190-250℃
Printing Technology FDM Heated Bed Yes
Build Volume 220X220X250mm(LxWxH) Support Software Cura, Reptier-Host
LCD Touch Screen Yes File Format G-code, STL
Power Outage Recovery Yes Connection USB cable or SD card
Input Voltage 100-120V AC 7A,200-240V AC 3.5A,50-60Hz Net Weight 7.8kg
Output Voltage DC24V 15A Gross Weight 8.6kg
Power 280W Product Dimension 425x402×505mm
Printing Speed Up to 120mm/s Package Dimension 467x412×187mm
Layer Height 0.1-04mm Material 1.75mm PLA, ABS, Wood
Pictures of Longer LK4

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